Category: Canning

Oct 21

Refrigerator Bread and Butter Pickles

I have planted pickling cucumbers in my garden this year.  They are so cute and little!  I started them from local heirloom seeds in the spring and they are flourishing now in the summer.  We love to snack on pickles all year round.  When I have a lot of pickles, I will steam can a …

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Nov 03

Lemon Marmalade Recipe

Ever since I saw this honey lemon marmalade recipe here on Food in Jars, one of my favorite blogs, I’ve been dying to make it. Dying I tell you! I love lemons.  Love Love Love Love lemons.  Lemons are a comfort food for me and I use them a lot in the winter time when …

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Oct 24

How to Make Green Tomato Jam

We just had our first freeze of the year and while I was cleaning out my garden to prepare it for winter, I was having a really hard time throwing away the 100+ green tomatoes that I still had on the vine. I planted heirloom tomatoes this year and they were lovely.  I hated to …

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Oct 03

Adventures in Pickling: How to Pickle

I feel like the title of this post is misleading.  It seems more like a dance move or a sports game that I am doing a tutorial for.  But no, just wait, this is much much better than any dance or sport!  It’s food! I love vinegar.  I can drink it straight from the bottle …

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Oct 02

How to Can Cherry Tomatoes – Easy Peasy!

How to Can Cherry Tomatoes A dear friend and neighbor invited me to her home to pick grapes for my How to Can Grape Juice post.  Her entire backyard fence was full of the yummiest, juiciest grapes and I was allowed to take as much as I wanted!  Her son ran out of the house …

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Oct 01

How to Can Grape Juice

  Hi Everyone, My name is Rachel and I’m a fresh fruit and vegetable addict.  Since going gluten and dairy free, it’s my go to food. A friend told me I could borrow her steam juicer and she also gave me a box of jars she wasn’t using.  Another friend said I could pick her …

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Sep 26

No Cook Peach Freezer Jam Recipe – So Easy!

I was at the grocery store the other day looking to buy some jar lids in the canning aisle, when I happened upon instant pectin! Talk about a breakthrough for me, I was so excited to see it there!  Instant pectin means you do not have to cook the fruit and the pectin together to …

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Sep 25

How to Make Applesauce for Canning (Skins On)

How to Make Applesauce for Canning (with the skins on!) Making applesauce is really easy if you don’t have to peel the apples first.  There is a fruit stand near my home where you can buy apple “seconds” for $3 for 20 pounds!  I have been canning yummy applesauce like crazy because I want to …

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Jun 25

Sweet Zucchini Relish Recipe

I have a neighbor that lives across the street that is in her “golden” years.  She is so sweet to us and sits next to our family at church each Sunday to help with our 3 children.  The other day she brought us by a yummy yummy treat.  I shared a tiny bit with my …

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Jun 06

Simple Vanilla Pear Sauce Recipe

This easy vanilla pear sauce recipe has been a favorite at our house since our pear tree started producing like crazy a couple years ago.  It’s fun to make this recipe with kids and it’s easy enough for older children to make by themselves. Not to mention, the house smells so wonderful when we’re making …

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