Category: Pregnancy

Aug 25

Christopher’s Home Birth Story

Two weeks ago I had the most amazing experience.  I gave birth to my fourth child.  At home.  In the water.  With no pain medication.  I did it, even though I didn’t think I could!  Initially I chose home birth because of the cost.  Once I met my midwife, Richelle Jolley, and got more involved …

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Aug 17

While I’m Away…

I am having a baby and will be taking a month or two maternity leave from blogging.  I have some posts scheduled during that time, but please excuse any impersonal-ish-ness while I’m away taking care of the baby and myself.  I will post photos and the birth story as soon as I can, so stay …

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Jul 16

Pregnancy Must Haves

This is my 5th pregnancy, and there are some things that I absolutely need to get through pregnancy comfortably.  These are my pregnancy must haves. I must say that this pregnancy has been my best, mostly because I’ve been proactive about being healthy and I’ve learned a lot in my previous pregnancies. I’ve learned a …

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Jul 12

Pregnancy Bed Rest Causes

At my last midwife appointment, I found out I was already dilated to a 2 and 0% effaced at 33 weeks.  Now at 34 weeks I am dilated to a 3 or possibly more and in the neighborhood of 50-80% effaced.  I lost my mucus plug and have been having some bloody discharge as well …

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Jun 12

What Do I Need for a Home Birth – Home Birth Checklist

I am 30 weeks pregnant!  I only have 2 1/2 months left to go and I am feeling really great.  I have lots of energy, I sleep well, and I am able to do most things I could do pre-pregnancy.  As you can see from the photo, I am carrying the baby quite high and …

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May 28

Shortness of Breath Pregnancy Symptoms

I am 28 weeks pregnant and experiencing a lot of shortness of breath pregnancy symptoms.  I am a small person, only about 5 foot 3 and I carry my pregnancies high as you can see from the photo!  The baby is always up in my ribs and my lungs and stomach get a little compacted …

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May 06

Inspiring Pregnancy Books

I love to read.  I love to be educated on health and wellness and especially want to be educated on pregnancy and birth, since I do plan a home birth this time around.  I find myself having a lot more choices than I have had while having a hospital birth and I want to make educated …

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Apr 30

Natural Solutions for Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Ok, it’s TMI time!  So this is very embarrassing for me to publicly talk about this, but I hope to help someone else who also struggles with hemorrhoids during pregnancy.  This is my 5th pregnancy and first one where I have had chronic hemorrhoids that won’t go away. Early in my pregnancy, I had pretty …

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