• Anel on May 1, 2014 at 7:06 am
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    I am so glad to have flund someone who labora like I do. I’ve had my first two at 37 weeks because I progressively dilate toward the end of pregnancy. This time around I am effaced but no dilation, yet I feel like it will happen any moment now. We are always hearing how you’ll know when the “real” contractions begin but just like you I don’t feel that pain, at least not until my water is broken. Thanks for sharing this. This is my third baby and I have learned to tune into my body but I just so glad to have found someone who has a bit of an “unconventional” experience like myself

    1. Anel – I have never heard of anyone else that labors like me, so it’s so nice to hear from you! Good luck to you and your coming baby. Yes, like you, I literally have no pain until the baby is coming out (and then boy do I hurt!). I was in pretty bad pain for quite a while after the baby was born, however. My ND prescribed some pain pills for me but I forgot to take them 🙂

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