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Bibbity Bobbity Bootique Makeovers

Disneyland’s Bibbity Bobbity Bootique Pretty much any Disneyland visit will give your family chances to meet Disney princesses, but do you have a little girl who loves to play princess, herself? Guess what! At Disneyland’s Bibbity Bobbity Bootique, your little princess can get her very own princess makeover from her very own fairy godmother. (For …

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Top 5 Fun Christmas Cards Even Kids Can Make

Every November I find myself in a mad dash to do something cute for our family’s Christmas cards and every year I end up doing the same old boring thing.  But not this year!  This year I am planning ahead and doing something fun, different, and interesting.  And… the kids are going to help me …

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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Our family loves Halloween.  Here are some cute Halloween crafts for kids that the whole family can get excited about!  I love the internet! Halloween Chair Covers Halloween Candy Jars Halloween Pasta Skeleton Monster Box Paint Chip Halloween Craft

Girls LDS Activity Days – Minute to Win It Game

This was a fun girls LDS Activity Days game that the leaders in our ward came up with called Minute to Win It.  It was for the Mom and Miss Activity that is generally held in the Spring.  You may have seen the TV show.  This is their take on it (see the video below).  …

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Tween Birthday Party Idea

Our daughter turned 12 this year and we really struggled with coming up with a great tween birthday party idea.  There were some great ones that were just too childish, some that were too expensive for our family’s budget, and some that were too teenager-ish.  What to do? I wanted to simplify and just have …

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Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids – Ideas

Every year we do a little neighborhood egg hunt with the big kids and little kids together.  The parents hide the eggs, and the little kids go first and then the big kids go next.  It takes all of 2 seconds as we usually hide them at our neighborhood church.  Everyone shares and each brings …

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Top 10 Easy Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

It seems like every year, I get so busy before Easter, that I forgot to plan anything special and unique for our tradition of family easter egg dying.  I have good intentions, but I never actually follow through.  Well, this year, I’m starting early! Easter is starting early too, as in March 31st.  I better …

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What do You Know About Batman? Lil Imaginators Episode 2

Last year some friends and I brainstormed some ideas for capturing kids imaginations.  Since all of our kids pretty much wore dressups all day long, we decided if wouldn’t be difficult to get them into an imaginary world on film by dressing them up in costumes and asking them questions about the character they were …

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Orem Beautification Award!

My husband hates hates hates yard work.  There’s nothing he hates more.  Hate, however is not a strong enough word. I should say he despises yard work.  When we first talked about getting married he warned me that he would not step foot in a garden or plant any flowers EVER.  I thought, “Yeah yeah, …

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Lil Imaginators Episode 1

About a year ago, some friends and I started on a project  that explores children’s imaginations.  It’s called Lil Imaginators.  We asked about 10 young children from different families and backgrounds to come and be on film at our local college campus.  They had so much fun and so did we! We wanted to gain …

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