Top 10 Cookbooks

It’s no secret that I love to cook.  I know cookbooks are a little outdated (everyone uses Google these days, right?).  I guess I’m an old school nerd because I love to flip through cookbooks and see the colorful pages and, well, touch them.  I think they look so pretty on the shelf and I love to look at these in my kitchen to help inspire me.

Before I go into the list, I must say I’m an immensely simple person (don’t tell my husband, he won’t believe you!).  My taste in cookbooks reflects that style.  I like simple recipes that are fast to make and healthy.  I know some people really like to make fancy dinners.  Not me.  Nope.  Keep in mind that I love simplicity with this list of favorite cookbooks.

Here’s my Top 10 Cookbooks


This should be everyone’s first cookbook.  It’s an updated classic and still many seasoned cook’s favorite book. It goes through all of the basics of cooking in depth and has amazing go-to recipes in it.  It would make a fabulous wedding gift or would be perfect for that college student that is just starting out.



A friend mentioned to me (thanks Janna!) that this was Deseret Book’s top selling book for this week.  I like how the recipes are broken down into seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall).  And I love the colors, pictures, and simplicity of the recipes in this cookbook.



I love this cookbook for entertaining.  The recipes are timeless, interesting, and innovative.  I don’t use this cookbook on a daily basis, but I do get it out for special occasions.


If you read my blog, you know I have a ‘thing’ for food preservation.  I even have a bigger thing for Mason jars.  I think they are just lovely and I use them pretty much every day for different uses.  I love that this cook shows how to preserve in small amounts, which is a necessity for the modern cook.


If you’re looking for easy birthday ideas for kids OR for a great way to spend an afternoon cooking with your children, I highly recommend this cook book.  It’s chocked full of easy recipes that even teens can make and they look like you’ve spent all day on them.  I also recommend the companion cookbook “What’s new Cupcake?”


Another great family cookbook is this Williams Sonoma “Cooking Together Cookbook”.  I love any excuse to spend time with my kids and they all like to help cook.


I love being able to plan my dinners in the morning (when I have lots of energy) and have them cook long and slow and be ready in the evening (when I’m exhausted and tempted to serve cereal for dinner).  To top it off, I really adore Stephanie O’dea’s sense of humor.


My husband got me this book as a gift and it’s a wonderful cookbook full of everything you could ever think of to make.  This would make a wonderful gift for anyone just starting out on their own.


A friend showed me this cookbook at her home and I just fell in love (it was one of her favorites too).  I like the simplicity and how versatile this cookbook is.  The cover isn’t very exciting, but what is inside definitely is!



This is my very favorite cookbook.  I love the photos of every dish.  I love the family photos that are incorporated into the cookbook.  I love Rue Drummon’s honest style and practical recipes.  This cookbook is very colorful and so fun to look through and read.

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