Simple Haircuts for Boys

Last time, we talked about princess makeovers. This time, let’s give the boys a turn. What to do with their hair? Did you know how easy it is to give them fantastic haircuts right at home?

The Right Tools

To keep these haircuts simple for you and comfortable for your little guy, you need the right tools. This part of the post contains a few links to related products on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases.

Good clippers, with guards for different lengths of hair, are essential, and these come highly recommended. It may seem a little pricey, but think about what you spend every time your son needs a haircut. Good clippers that trim the hair evenly the first time, and are fast and sharp enough that they don’t cause painful tugs, pay for themselves within a few months.

Even with the best clippers, you might need some good scissors to tidy things up. Also, if your little guy is sensitive to sounds, you might need to use scissors for more of the haircut.

These thinning shears are great for making nice, even blends between different lengths of hair.

For general hair cutting, these shears work really well.

Great! Armed with the right tools, and an old towel or two to catch hair trimmings, you’re ready to get started.

Great Haircuts at Home

Giving your son a great, professional-looking haircut right at home is simpler than you might think.

This video, with my friend Dana and my son Matthew, walks you through a basic haircut with clippers, start to finish.

If you’re ready to try something a little more detailed, then watch my friend Crystal trim my son Tyler’s hair. This video has some great details on how to work with cowlicks to keep the hair looking even, instead of sticking up at odd angles.

Ready to give DIY haircuts a try? Let me know in the comments how things go!


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