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Apr 15

How to Save Money at Disneyland: Second Edition

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much as usual.  I have been having a reoccurrence of some health issues from years past and it’s been a rough winter.  Here’s to a better Spring! Spring also has brought a new edition of the book I wrote called, “The Cheap Family’s Guide to Disneyland; …

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Mar 05

My Castle House Review

Our family goes to Disneyland several times a year.  Last year we went a record (for us) 6 times!  We have stayed at a lot of hotels, some nice (the Grand Californian) and some not so nice (Del Sol).  We usually like to stay very close to the park so we can walk to and …

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Aug 20

Eating Gluten Free at Disneyland

Eating gluten free at Disneyland is easier than any other theme park on earth.  They have even won awards for being food allergy-friendly!  Disneyland makes it pretty simple for us and if we are at all worried, we bring our own food. Disneyland does not let people bring in food, but if you have an …

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Jun 19

How to Get Into Be Our Guest for Dinner – Disney World

On our last trip to Disney World in April of 2014, we really wanted to do some character dining, but we didn’t think about it with enough time to get in to the most popular restaurants (Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Table).  I was really bummed, but by being tenacious and checking the desk about …

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Apr 24

Anna and Elsa at Disney World

My 12 year old and I got to go to Disney World in April of 2014 and we had the most wonderful time!  We stayed on-resort at the All Star Sports hotel so that we wouldn’t have to drive and we could use the Disney transportation system (which I really liked for the most part).  …

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Apr 09

Save Money at Disneyland!

You guys know I am a Disney fanatic.  Our family goes to Disneyland at least once per year, and many times more than that.  This year we have 5 trips planned (and one to Disney World).In fact,  I leave next week on a business trip to take videos of all the rides.  Stay tuned and …

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Feb 12

Disneyland Deals 2014

If you could save a few hundred dollars on your next Disneyland trip, would you be happy?  We all know it’s hard to find really big discounts on Disney travel because they don’t really need to offer discounts to encourage people to come.  They do, however, offer large discounts to groups of people traveling in …

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Jan 12

The Cheap Family Guide – Disney Deals Book

So, I have been working on a new project that has been consuming my time for the last couple months…. A BOOK!  I have always wanted to be an author and thanks to Amazon Kindle, that goal has been realized.  It’s called,“The Cheap Family’s Guide to Disneyland: How to Save $1000 and Still Have Fun”.  …

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Nov 22

Disneyland Cars Land Rides Fall 2012

Our family visited Disneyland in the fall of 2012 JUST to see the new Cars Land and we were not disappointed! We loved the happy feeling when we got there.  Disneyland is so amazing at creating “the experience” in everything they do.  The scenery was amazing.  There was careful attention brought to each building and …

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Nov 18

Top 5 Things to do with Princesses at Disneyland

Our family has gone to Disneyland many many times since we’ve had our children.  We love the happy feeling there and think it’s the perfect family vacation and we go there often.  In the last 18 months we have gone 4 times!  We just got back from going at Halloween time and had lots of …

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