7 Best Gifts for your Wife / Girlfriend for Under $50 + Revlon One Step Hairdryer Giveaway

Hey There!  Today we’re going to delve into the question… What do I give my wife, or girlfriend, or mom, or special lady for Christmas for under $50?  I have 7 ideas for the BEST GIFTS FOR WOMEN and they are all broken up in categories like beauty, music, or sports to help guide you in the right direction.

#1  HAIR

My very favorite hair item is the Revlon one step hairdryer.  It’s fun, useful, and produces amazing results! 

I’ve done multiple reviews and tutorials on this bad boy on my YouTube Channel so check those out!

I feel like this hairdryer is something any woman with shoulder-length hair or longer would love to have.  This brush part on the top is too big for ladies with short hair.  

I would say beginners and experts would both like this hairdryer as it eliminates the need to round brush which many women typically hate or aren’t good at.  This makes you an expert and makes your hair so smooth, silky, and finished looking.

It’s also an amazon wish list top pick and is usually around $50 but during the holidays, you can often find it on sale for an additional $20 off either on Amazon or at places like Bed Bath and Beyond or Target. 

*I will actually be giving away a free brand new Revlon One Step Hairdryer in the video above – free hairdryer and free shipping and everything!   


I have a set of inexpensive makeup items for the makeup gift category that seem high end when you use them.

First is the Maybeline Matte About Town Eye shadow palette.  I like it because pretty much any woman can pull off neutral eye shadow.  You can give the palette as a stocking stuffer or make it a set by pairing it with a few other items like this inexpensive makeup brush set.  I’ve literally had these brushes for 5+ years and I like them better than their more expensive counterparts.  Also is this – It’s the best waterproof mascara out there – I can’t say enough good things about this because it doesn’t bleed down your eyes at all – under any circumstances.  I’ve never had a waterproof mascara this consistent.  Also, if you want to add one more item, This is the most awesome eyelash curler I’ve ever had.  This one is the tweezerman eyelash curler and is a workhorse to make your eyelashes look longer and overall fantastic.  All of these together are around $50 which is a great deal for makeup of this quality.  If you take out the mascara, the set would be around $30. 


A jade roller is perfect to massage the fine lines and wrinkles out of your face and to get your facial lotion to really sink in.  It plumps up the skin making it look invigorated and is great to do every morning and night for your skin health.  Pair it with a microfiber face cloth set and Neutrogena hyaluronic acid facial lotion and your girl will love her gift!  These 3 items are only $35. Add on a face exfoliator for another $5 you can make all of these things into a kit for around $40.

#4 Music

This one is a little more than $50, it’s $56.  But it comes with a case, so that’s worth it right?

I think a ukulele for a lady who loves music would be a very sweet and thoughtful gift.  Plus, if you’re musical you can pick up the ukulele very quickly (like in a day or two).  I’ve had this uke for a few years now and it’s very portable and fun to play.  You can take it and play it anywhere.  It’s especially fun to play in our church’s children’s singing time.  The kids love it! You can tune it by using an app on your phone.  A nice addition might be a strap to carry it around and also for holding it while you play.

I think this is just a fun all around gift and you don’t exactly have to be musical for this to be a great gift either.  I think anyone could learn how to play it!  


For those of you that don’t know what this is, it’s an Instant Pot and I think the Instant Pot is probably on the top of my list of most fun and useful tools in the kitchen.  I use it several times a week and it’s super easy and also super versatile.  You can make yogurt, rice, meat, egg bites, desserts….  So many delicious things you can make in this thing.  Plus after you get it, you can get rid of your rice cooker to make space for it.  It’s $50 on Amazon right now.  I’ve never seen the price so low, so jump on your chance to get it like 70% off!  There are tons of Instant Pot recipe videos on YouTube and the cooking possibilities are endless. 


I have been loving my chirp wheel for after sports and workouts to stretch out my back and neck muscles but it’s about $70 for one or $140 for 3 different sizes.  There’s a great alternative here that’s $30.  My husband likes to roll out after a tough day at work so it’s not just for the ladies.  It’s very relaxing and useful to have around.  It can also be used for yoga routines which many sporty ladies do to recover from their respective sports.


I don’t know a mom out there who wouldn’t love this weighted blanket.  I think it would be a very thoughtful gift that shows your wife and the mother of your children that you value her sleep time and want to help improve it.  I bought this one and the size is 60×80 and it’s 20 pounds (even though I’m under the weight limit for that weight because I found the lighter ones too light).  It was $37 when I bought it but I noticed the price went up to $50 recently. Hopefully it goes back down! Weighted blankets help me to get relaxed earlier, sleep deeper and better.  I suffer from anxiety and especially anxiety about sleeping and this has helped me a lot.  I was worried blankets like this would be hot but I haven’t noticed a problem at all but I don’t use them with other blankets because I get too tangled up with the weight of the blanket with other blankets.  Does that make sense?  You could pair this blanket with a sleep mask or audio sleep headphones if you wish. 

That’s it for our 7 fun gift ideas for your wife!  I hope you found the perfect gift! Let us know if you have any questions.

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