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7 Best Gifts for your Wife / Girlfriend for Under $50 + Revlon One Step Hairdryer Giveaway

Hey There!  Today we’re going to delve into the question… What do I give my wife, or girlfriend, or mom, or special lady for Christmas for under $50?  I have 7 ideas for the BEST GIFTS FOR WOMEN and they are all broken up in categories like beauty, music, or sports to help guide you …

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Bibbity Bobbity Bootique Makeovers

Disneyland’s Bibbity Bobbity Bootique Pretty much any Disneyland visit will give your family chances to meet Disney princesses, but do you have a little girl who loves to play princess, herself? Guess what! At Disneyland’s Bibbity Bobbity Bootique, your little princess can get her very own princess makeover from her very own fairy godmother. (For …

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Top 10 Cookbooks

It’s no secret that I love to cook.  I know cookbooks are a little outdated (everyone uses Google these days, right?).  I guess I’m an old school nerd because I love to flip through cookbooks and see the colorful pages and, well, touch them.  I think they look so pretty on the shelf and I …

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LDS Ward Christmas Party “Let Him In”

A few weeks before the Ward Christmas Party, my husband and I were asked to be in charge as an assignment (not a calling) by our Bishop.  Our budget was initially $500, but when we priced things out, we saw we might need a little more and ended up spending around $600.  We would be …

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Bring Peace Through Prioritizing

As a follow up to my last post about how to prioritize your life, I am explaining some of my reasoning for choosing which priorities I want to focus on first in my life.  I am generally the kind of person that is ALWAYS busy and I have a hard time slowing down and enjoying …

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LDS Stake Primary Music Leader Resources

For those of you who read my blog and don’t know me personally, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (or Mormon).  We have “callings” in our Church which is basically a prayerfully inspired job to do.  As members of this Church, we all work together to help …

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Top 5 Fun Christmas Cards Even Kids Can Make

Every November I find myself in a mad dash to do something cute for our family’s Christmas cards and every year I end up doing the same old boring thing.  But not this year!  This year I am planning ahead and doing something fun, different, and interesting.  And… the kids are going to help me …

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Seattle Flying Apron Review & Dairy Free Italain Soda Recipe

My sister in law recommended a restaurant / bakery to us when we were visiting Seattle.  She knows our family is gluten and dairy free and Seattle really caters to our dietary lifestyle a lot more than Utah does!  The restaurant she suggested was called Flying Apron. Boy was she right, we loved it! Everything …

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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Our family loves Halloween.  Here are some cute Halloween crafts for kids that the whole family can get excited about!  I love the internet! Halloween Chair Covers Halloween Candy Jars Halloween Pasta Skeleton Monster Box Paint Chip Halloween Craft

Being a Mom 101

Being a mom this fourth time around has made me really thankful for what I have and how I’ve changed and evolved as a Mom over the past 12 years.  It has also helped me to not sweat the small stuff (ok… those of you who know me are chuckling at this… So I’m not …

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