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Oct 08

Cloth Diapers 101: With Charlene Freestone

Charlene Freestone, a cloth diaper expert, an admin on the diapering group, Chic Utah’s Moms on facebook, and owner of the blog C, G & Mr. B, graciously allowed me to take some videos of her beginning Cloth Diapers Class held in Lehi, Utah.  You will see 6 videos here in this post that were …

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May 08

How to Prioritize Your Time & Your Life

This post is a little bit about how to prioritize your time and a little bit of me venting… I am a busy Mom.  I have diapers to change, kids to feed, a large home and yard to keep up. I work part-time. I have food allergies which makes everything a little difficult.  I do …

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Apr 03

Homeschool Basics – Making it Fun and Free

In a previous post, I went over different curriculums and homeschool basics that you will need to get started.  With this post I would like to share a few resources that have helped make our experience doing school at home fun and (mostly) free. A few weeks ago I decided to take my first grader …

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Mar 20

Homeschool Resources – The Basics Needed to Get Started

I am writing this post, mostly just to have a place to put all of the ideas other people have shared with me and to have one place I can refer to for basic homeschool resources. Last week (March 12th, 2014), we withdrew one of our 4 children mid-year from his first grade class at …

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Oct 29

Ponytail Ideas – Quick & Easy – Fox in the Hole

From time to time, I will be updating this post with quick and easy ponytail ideas (mostly for little girls).  We’re always looking for ways to dress up our girls hair and they love ponytails! #1 Fox in the Hole – Takes 5 minutes or less  

Sep 19

How to Swaddle a Newborn

Once you get the basic technique down, it’s really easy to swaddle your baby. We have photos and video to help you learn how to swaddle a newborn! STEP 1:  LAY BLANKET OUT LIKE A DIAMOND Using a good sized blanket, lay out your blanket in a diamond shape on a flat surface.  Fold down …

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Sep 17

How to Bathe a Newborn

Items used in video Fold Up Baby Bathtub that fits in the kitchen sink… Works great so you don’t have to bend over the tub in your bathroom.  I have been known to cram this into the dishwasher even!  I have had my dark blue sink bathtub for 12 years and I love it.  You …

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Jul 27

How to Do Easy Flat Iron Curls

I have always wanted to learn how to do flat iron curls.  They look so easy once you get the hang of it, but I just couldn’t get the motion down, so I took a trip to my neighbor Dana’s house to have her teach me how to do easy flat iron curls.  We took …

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Jul 23

How to Make Heart Watermelon Shapes

We made these cute heart watermelon shapes for dinner one night and the kids thought it was so great!  I think they taste better to the kids when they are in a different shape than anticipated.  They are very simple to make and you can use the waste around the edges for your next smoothie. …

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Jul 09

How to Make Shaped Eggs

My kids get to choose a recipe to make with me once a week and we call it “Cooking with Kids”.  Today my son chose shaped eggs.  They are so easy to make and so yummy!  All you need is an electric griddle and some egg shapers found here, here, and here. We actually purchased …

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