Anna and Elsa at Disney World

My 12 year old and I got to go to Disney World in April of 2014 and we had the most wonderful time!  We stayed on-resort at the All Star Sports hotel so that we wouldn’t have to drive and we could use the Disney transportation system (which I really liked for the most part).  A review will be coming soon, so check back later!

One thing we really wanted to do was see the real Anna and Elsa at Disney World at their meet and greet location at Epcot.  The lines were anywhere from 4-6 hours to see them.  It was blistering hot and humid and neither of us wanted to wait in a line that long, so we decided to try to “beat the system” if we could. We came back another day and decided to be the first ones in line to enter Epcot on a low-peak day.  We took a taxi ($15) and got to the Epcot entrance 90 minutes before opening time.  We were able to sit down for most of that, and they let us in 10 minutes before the official opening.

Then, the marathon began!  Everyone in line sprinted to Anna and Elsa which were way on the far end of the park.  My daughter went ahead of me and got in line.  She was about #10 in line from the runners and there were already people in line from the princess breakfast in Norway (people would book the early-morning breakfast, and then pay the cancellation fee to not show up, and get in line early to meet Anna & Elsa).  We only had to wait 45 minutes to see them and every 10 minutes that went by, the line got an hour longer, until peaking at about 4 hours.  By the time we had seen them, the line was over 4 hours and later in the day it was 6 hours.

Currently Anna and Elsa have moved to Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom at Disney World.  They have fastpasses but they are GONE on-line for the whole month within minutes of them being available.

Here’s a video of us seeing our beloved princesses!



  1. My 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son took pictures with Anna and Elsa, when we went to Disneyland we also saw Merida, and the Disney fairies! My Daughter loves Olaf and she did not see him but was happy to see the best princesses! Nice to see you found them too!

    1. Oh man, that sounds so fun, thanks for letting us know! I want to go back and see them again 🙂

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