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Top 5 Things to do with Princesses at Disneyland

Our family has gone to Disneyland many many times since we’ve had our children.  We love the happy feeling there and think it’s the perfect family vacation and we go there often.  In the last 18 months we have gone 4 times!  We just got back from going at Halloween time and had lots of …

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Disneyland at Halloween

Disneyland at Halloween in Pictures – Enjoy!

Ariel’s Grotto Reviews – Complete with Photos, Video, & Menu

Our family has been to Ariel’s Grotto Character Dinner many times.  Our girls love it so much and it give us a chance to see the princesses without standing in ridiculous lines at Disneyland.  I have seen many Ariel’s Grotto Reviews, but I will try to make mine more comprehensive with photos, menu, and video …

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Storytellers Cafe Character Breakfast Review, Menu, & Video

My husband took me to the Storytellers Cafe Character Breakfast for my birthday.  I put up quite a fight about it because I wanted to go to the Plaza in to the Mickey and Friends breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen.  I was in a little bit of a bad mood because I wanted to go there …

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Family Travel Destinations: California Adventure Rides & Tips

I am sort of a self-proclaimed Disneyland expert or maybe you could call me a Disney fanatic ( I won’t be offended).  I have been there more than 10 times and I love the Amusement Park feel of California Adventure!  The scenery is lovely and the atmosphere is more laid back.  Some of my favorite …

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Top 5 Disney World Tips and Tricks

I have always professed to be a self-proclaimed Disneyland expert.  I have been there more than 10 times and it is my favorite family vacation spot.  I just love saying, “Remember that time we were at Disneyland and we….. (fill in the blank)”.  I know a lot about Disneyland, and feel like I have a …

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Disneyland Fantasyland Rides & Review for Family Vacations

Are you looking for a fun family vacation that will help build positive relationships in your family?  If you are, Disneyland is the place for you!  It’s not a relaxing vacation by any means, but is full of adventure and magic.  It is truly the happiest place on earth and the best thing is, there …

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Destination Family Vacation: Disneyland Part 1

Nothing brings families together like a good old-fashioned vacation and what could make you feel more positive and happy than going to the Happiest Place on Earth? I am working on a 10 part series on family vacations to Disneyland complete with posts, videos, tips, and commentary.  Later I will post a a series on …

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