The Cheap Family Guide – Disney Deals Book

Disneyland Deals Book

Disneyland Deals Book

So, I have been working on a new project that has been consuming my time for the last couple months…. A BOOK!  I have always wanted to be an author and thanks to Amazon Kindle, that goal has been realized.  It’s called,“The Cheap Family’s Guide to Disneyland: How to Save $1000 and Still Have Fun”.  The ebook can be purchased on Amazon for .99 cents or downloaded on your Kindle for free.  By mid-January 2014, we will have a print copy of the book for $5.99 available.  The print book may also be availible in bookstores soon.

I have been to Disneyland more than 20 times and it’s one of my favorite places to vacation.  A couple years ago I started to search out Disney deals so that our family could go to Disneyland more often.  That’s how this book was conceived.  The book is all about how to save money and time at Disneyland by following a few simple tips and tricks that I have learned from going to Disneyland.

A few tips from the book would include:

1. Go to Disneyland in the off-season when crowds are at their smallest.  You can get lots of hotel discounts this way.

2. Save on flights by signing up for Southwest coupons or fly on little-known airlines to get a bargain.

3.  Save time by utilizing Magic Morning and getting to the park 30-45 minutes before it the gates open for Magic Morning.  If we get there early enough, our family can generally go on all the rides we want to by lunch time.  We can then leave the park for lunch (which saves money) and go to the hotel to take a nap.  Then go back to the park for evening events or to go on rides we’d like to experience again.

For more tips, check out the book here!

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