What Do I Need for a Home Birth – Home Birth Checklist

I am 30 weeks pregnant!  I only have 2 1/2 months left to go and I am feeling really great.  I have lots of energy, I sleep well, and I am able to do most things I could do pre-pregnancy.  As you can see from the photo, I am carrying the baby quite high and he is always kicking and floating up into my ribs.  It’s a pretty uncomfortable place for him to be in some respects, but in others, it’s great.  For instance, I can go all night (still!) without getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and I don’t feel as much pelvic pressure as I have in other pregnancies because the baby sits up higher on my frame.  I have a hard time with digestion (and sometimes with being hungry at all) since he is squishing up those organs and some times I have a hard time breathing from the pressure put on my lungs occasionally.  However, overall, this has been my best pregnancy and I feel so blessed to be able to experience it in my old(er) age!

I am starting to prepare of my upcoming home birth with midwife Richelle Jolley.  At my last visit, I asked her, “What do I need for a home birth?” and the answer was an easy one! Luckily, she provides a home birth kit as part of her midwifery fee (see video for additional information about that).  It includes everything needed to actually birth the baby except for towels, washcloths, plastic sheeting to protect mattress and floor, food, drinks, and healing ointments, etc.  She also hands out an information sheet with optional items you can have at your birth like Chlorophyll and Floridix.

I have some additional items that I would like to have for the birth, and right after, that aren’t necessarily required items that the midwife needs to deliver the baby.

  • 3-7 towels

  • 3 washcloths

  • Plastic coverings for mattress and walkways

  • Sheets for bed
  • Birth Stool and / or Birth Ball (or exercise ball)
  • Frozen fruits and veges for smoothies

  • Abdominal binder (for after the birth)

  • Items needed for comfrey burn paste (wheat germ oil, honey, comfrey leaf powder)

  • Red raspberry tea

  • Chlorophyll – see link above

  • Floridix – see link above

  • Cramp bark

  • Devils claw

  • Latex free gloves (if you are allergic to Latex)

  • Birth scripts or relaxation music

  • Clothing / gown you want to wear for the birth

  • Camera

  • Perineal rinse bottle

  • Ice packs

  • Maxi pads for heavy flow postpartum – bleach and irritation free

  • Tucks

  • Chux Pads for postpartum

  • Nursing supplies (nursing pads, pump, nursing bras, nipple cream, etc)

If you can think of anything else to add to the list, please post a comment to help our readers prepare for their upcoming births!  Let me know if you have any questions.



*Disclaimer: Please contact your doctor or midwife before using the items listed in this post to make sure they will work for your unique situation and pregnancy / birth.


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