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How to Can Cherry Tomatoes – Easy Peasy!

How to Can Cherry Tomatoes A dear friend and neighbor invited me to her home to pick grapes for my How to Can Grape Juice post.  Her entire backyard fence was full of the yummiest, juiciest grapes and I was allowed to take as much as I wanted!  Her son ran out of the house …

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How to Can Grape Juice

  Hi Everyone, My name is Rachel and I’m a fresh fruit and vegetable addict.  Since going gluten and dairy free, it’s my go to food. A friend told me I could borrow her steam juicer and she also gave me a box of jars she wasn’t using.  Another friend said I could pick her …

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Sweet Zucchini Relish Recipe

I have a neighbor that lives across the street that is in her “golden” years.  She is so sweet to us and sits next to our family at church each Sunday to help with our 3 children.  The other day she brought us by a yummy yummy treat.  I shared a tiny bit with my …

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