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Mar 19

Purely Elizabeth Review + Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

I had the privilege of reviewing the brand Purely Elizabeth and it was a delight.  I found the ingredients to be very high quality as well as delicious. In fact, I had to stop eating so I could do the review and still have some left to show you guys!  As you know, I am …

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Jan 07

Gluten Free Lemon Cookies

We made these gluten free lemon cookies for a neighborhood party this summer and they were a big hit!  They are soft and chewy and just plain delicious!  We used this gluten free flour.   PrintGluten Free Lemon Cookies Ingredients½ cup softened Earth Balance (butter substitute) or butter of your choice 1 cup sugar ½ …

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Dec 18

A Gluten Free Christmas

This is a photo circa 1979 of my grandpa dressed up as Santy Claus with my aunt, my cousin, and my Dad.  Oh the memories!  Those were the best days full of love, laughter, tradition, and the occasional family spat.  How I miss those Christmases past. Well, we just got finished having a Gluten Free …

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Nov 19

A Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Well, this year (like every year), we are going to have a Gluten Free Thanksgiving.  I get a little overwhelmed when I start thinking about all the things we can’t have. but then on the other hand, I turn around and feel grateful for 3 health food stores nearby that have everything I need to …

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Jul 10

How to Go Gluten Free

HOW TO GO GLUTEN FREE Since going Gluten Free (GF) 3 years ago, many of my friends, neighbors, and friends of friends have contacted me for help about how to go gluten free.  Why?  Because frankly going gluten free is overwhelming.  It seems like wheat is in everything these days.  Many of my friends feel …

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