Purely Elizabeth Review + Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

I had the privilege of reviewing the brand Purely Elizabeth and it was a delight.  I found the ingredients to be very high quality as well as delicious. In fact, I had to stop eating so I could do the review and still have some left to show you guys!  As you know, I am gluten and dairy free and all of the items they sent me fit that criteria.  I like that everything they sent me is made from healthy, real food – including ancient grains.  I try to avoid GMO’s and so does Purely Elizabeth, thankfully.

I have 2 criteria for granola:

1. That it’s not too sweet

2. That it has lots of clumps

I am pleased to say that Purely Elizabeth fills those requirements beautifully.

I am happy to say my baby and 10 year old love to eat the granola and the oatmeal as well.

I can’t wait to try the Blueberry Hemp granola next!

Here is the video review if you want to see the granola and oatmeal in person!

Purely Elizabeth Overnight Oatmeal Recipe
1/3 Cup Purely Elizabeth original oatmeal
1 cup dairy free coconut milk
1/2 cup strawberries, sliced
2 tbsp pistacios
maple syrup (optional)
Directions: In a jar, pour oatmeal and milk.  Let sit in the refrrigerator overnigh.  When ready to serve, top with strawberries and pistacios.  Drizzle with maple syrup for extra sweetness, if desired..


  1. Thanks! She is 10.

  2. Hi, it looked really good!! Quick question, How old is your daughter in the video? Thanks!

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