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Smoothie Recipes for Kids – Berry Bliss

Smoothie recipes for kids are the best because not only do the kids enjoy them, the parents do too!  We served this smoothie when company came over and it was a big hit.  It only took a few minutes to make and everyone wanted seconds.  We used fresh berries in this drink, but you could …

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Green Smoothie Even Kids Will Like

  A smoothie a day keeps the doctor away!  If you need an energy or an immune boost, this is the smoothie for you.  Our kids even like to drink it.  Don’t let the green color scare you, it actually tastes GOOD, very very good!  It makes a perfect meal replacement if you are on …

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Super Kids Smoothie

Parents and kids can both get excited about this Super Kids Smoothie!  It’s sugar-free but is naturally sweet.  This smoothie is perfect for kids with food allergies and is dairy and gluten free.  The pineapple aids digestion and the strawberries help your immune system.  The chia seeds are a super-food and add lots of Omega …

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