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Ode to Blendtec and Smoothie Recipe with Spinach

I adore my Blendtec Blender! I have a green smoothie nearly every day and it tastes fabulous.  My kids love them too.  I use my Blendtec, oh, at least once a day and sometimes multiple times per day. I have become kind of a little famous with my children’s friends because every time they come …

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Simple Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Nothing looks prettier on the dinner table than a beautiful fruit smoothie in a beautiful glass.  This is the perfect compliment to any dinner and is healthy too.  There is no sugar in this smoothie and kids will like them as much as adults will!  Please enjoy this strawberry smoothie recipe. PrintSimple Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients3 …

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Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Our kids love watermelon and this is such a refreshing drink for hot summer days or for an excuse to use left-over watermelon.  This watermelon smoothie recipe is great for entertaining for adults or kids.  It’s very healthy and very sweet and needs no additional sweeteners.   PrintWatermelon Smoothie Recipe Ingredients4 c. cubed watermelon 2 …

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