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GFDF Coconut Macaroons Recipe

It seems like since we’ve been gluten and dairy free, our packaged dessert consumption has gone WAY down (due to cost and taste).  I guess that’s a good thing, but every once and a while, I crave a cookie that’s moist and flavorful and fresh from the oven.  These gfdf coconut macaroons really hit the …

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Dairy Free Cream of Chicken Recipe

Since being gluten and dairy free, I have missed making recipes with creamy soup bases.  One day I decided just to make my own so I could still enjoy those rich comfort foods.  I don’t know what I had been waiting for!  Making this dairy free cream of chicken recipe was so easy to make …

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Breakfast Ideas for Kids: GFDF Strawberry Rhubarb Basil & Apple Crisp

This recipe is adapted from Stephmodo. I follow her blog and when she posted this recipe, I had rhubarb and lots and lots of basil growing in my garden, so I wanted to give it a try.  I’m always looking for breakfast ideas for kids because I want to get away from the boxed cereal …

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