GFDF Coconut Macaroons Recipe

It seems like since we’ve been gluten and dairy free, our packaged dessert consumption has gone WAY down (due to cost and taste).  I guess that’s a good thing, but every once and a while, I crave a cookie that’s moist and flavorful and fresh from the oven.  These gfdf coconut macaroons really hit the spot.  Hey guess what, I can see why they won first place…. they are darn good!  And super easy too.  In the time it would take you to get in the car, run to the store, and come home, you can have these babies ready to eat and homemade too!

Find the recipe here.  It’s easy to substitute out the gluten.  Just replace the all purpose flour with GF flour (I used Featherlite).  Easy, huh? Don’t you love taste of home?

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