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Cooking with Kids – Episode 5 – PB&J Sushi Rolls

I hate complaining.  I hate it even more when the kids complain about what I make for dinner.  Oh it bugs me!   I have one child in particular who just hates to eat anything with meat which is generally what I like to cook.  Since being GFDF there’s really not a whole lot to …

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Cooking with Kids – Episode 4 – How to Make GFDF Fruit Sandwiches

In this 4th episode of Cooking With Kids, we’re making gluten free and dairy free fruit sandwiches (like grilled cheese). Two of us are GFDF in our house, and 2 aren’t and since my GF daughter doesn’t like raisins, I bought “normal” gluteny bread for the other family members and made separate GFDF sandwiches for …

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Cooking with Kids – How to Make Gluten Free and Dairy Free Disney Waffles – Episode 1

On our first episode of Cooking With Kids, we made Disney waffles with my daughter Kaylee age 8, and her friend Clairie age 9, and a little help from Mom.  Kaylee chose to make gluten and dairy free (GFDF) Disney waffles served with apple wedges, jam, syrup, and fresh squeezed orange juice (from Tropicana) to …

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