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Split Pea Soup Recipe – Slow Cooker

I love the silky smooth consistency of a good split pea soup recipe and as an added bonus, my kids really like split pea soup despite the bright green color! It’s a healthy, hearty, and satisfying soup and a go to meal for me when I’m preparing recipes from my food storage.  I canned my …

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Living off of Food Storage Recipe Stuffed Green Peppers (GFDF)

This month our family is living off of food storage (we have a one year supply).  Why you ask?  Well, there’s a few reasons.  First, we need to save money.  Second, because we need to rotate the storage we have and badly need to clean out the freezer and pantry.  Third, it’s good to know …

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Living Off of Food Storage

Living off of food storage is a challenge for me.  Our family is LDS (Mormon).  Our leaders have asked us to keep garden as well as a year’s supply of food in case of an emergency or job loss.  It feels good to be prepared!  We have a serious garden and we have had our …

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