Baby Wearing 101: Basics & Types of Baby Carriers

Today I met with a facebook friend of mine, her name is Shannon and she is the Utah County expert on baby wearing.  She offers classes as well as advice to many of us all the time. I asked her to help me review the most popular baby carriers and she was kind to oblige. She has the cutest 21 month old daughter who LOVES to go in Shannon’s various carriers.  Her daughter would dance around and giggle whenever she got one on, it was so adorable!

I personally wear my 4 month old baby almost every day and I learned a lot from her presentation.  Please see the videos below for more information on baby carriers.


Here’s links to the baby carriers mentioned:

Moby Stretchy Wrap (best for small babies up to 3 months, heavier babies make the fabric sag)
Pouch Sling (an essential purse or diaper bag item) but not very comfy for long term wear)
Ring Sling (also best for smaller babies, and then for mobile toddler… easy to adjust)
Ergo. She had a newer version of the Ergo, but I don’t see any differences in the one she had and this one, except the design.
Woven Wrap (does not stretch with wear.  Learning curve when it comes to tying it)
Mei Tai (a good combo of a wrap and a soft structured carrier)

I was able to try most of these carriers and I like the ring sling the best.  One thing I have learned, though, everyone is fiercely different and everyone is looking for different features in a baby carrier.  I personally feel like I need to have a few different kinds to fit my needs.  I have a boba, a peanut shell, and a k’tan (coming in the mail soon, so I haven’t used it exclusively yet).  I have also done reviews on other carriers here on my blog.

The following are videos of Shannon showing us how to use each specific carrier.  Wasn’t she nice to take time to do this?  If you would like to take her babywearing class, contact her here at the Baby Wearing Shop. She also sells baby carriers at these classes, so you can buy the one you like right there. Please thank her if you know her or post a comment.

I do want to extend a little bit of a warning.  Not to scare you, but for you to be aware.  There are some “user error” accidents with wrap type carriers.  If you want more details, please read the Consumer Reports review here. And make sure you read the instructions and safety procedures before wearing your child in any carrier.

For reviews on many different baby carriers and tips on baby wearing, take a look at our “Babies” playlist on Youtube.


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