Parenting Plan Month, 4 Week 4

Well this is the last week in month 4 of my parenting plan. I’ve been working on listening to my kids more and the results have been absolutely incredible. There have been a couple times I failed and I had to apologize and ask my kids to repeat themselves because I was tuning them out.  That’s not an excuse for me to tune them out, it’s just breaking a bad habit takes some time to master.  Overall, though I have been very pleased with the results and even after only a few months time, my kids seem happier and more secure.  And I’m happier and more secure as a Mom.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s really amazing to me how clearly I can see results each week and how I just have a desire to change and be better and it’s pretty easy for me to follow through with.  It must be by some pretty powerful fairy magic that good changes happen in our family.  Thanks good fairy!

Look closely, you might see the good fairy in the background :).

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