Parenting Plan Month 2, Week 2

This kid is so crazy!  He hates to take pictures so he always makes funny faces at me because it makes him think I will stop taking his picture.  Boy is he wrong!

Well, this week’s parenting plan challenge is to be more patient and less annoyed.  This really is a challenge for my personality.  I’m a runner, always always stressed and running to the next thing.  Always hurrying, always with too much to do.  I didn’t want my kids to feel like they are last on the priority list, so this week I have been working on listening more and stressing less.

It has been helpful that the kids have been in school all week because when they come home i want to hear the knitty gritty about their day and because I really do care what they are doing.

I have one daughter who has been struggling with lying and we have been pulling our hair out because none of the punishments we’ve given her have been effective.  However, I feel like I did really well being patient and showing her that I still loved her even though she was making some bad choices.

However, last night I was making a complicated and messy dinner and all the kids were in the kitchen firing off questions.  My son asked me how to spell something and I spilled what I was making.  I lost it and told my son to go somewhere else until dinner was finished.  I felt really bad when I did that and apologized later.  I find it hard to be patient in situations where I’m trying to concentrate yet being bombarded with questions and chatter.  I’m really trying to change though.  I think with time and experience I will improve.

What have you done to be a better Mom or to practice a parenting plan?  Please comment and let us know.


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