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Why Motherhood Matters

On Sunday at a women’s meeting at Church, we had a discussion on Motherhood and why motherhood matters.  It wasn’t long until I retreated into my own reverie.  I’m sure others were too because it wasn’t long until those in the room started thinking and commenting about what they could have done differently to be …

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Baby K’tan Review

As some of you know, I am really into babywearing. As a Mom of 4, I have to have a life while still being able to hold my baby and have my hands free. I have tried a lot of different baby carriers and what I’ve come to realize is that there is really not …

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Baby Stuffy Nose Cures

Ok, here’s the dirty truth… Being a Mom is sometimes a disgusting job.  You have to deal with wiping poop off of little bums, cleaning pee out of your eye (if you have a boy), spit up out of your hair, and snot out of little tiny noses.  It’s a fact.  Somehow when it’s your …

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Baby Wearing 101: Basics & Types of Baby Carriers

Today I met with a facebook friend of mine, her name is Shannon and she is the Utah County expert on baby wearing.  She offers classes as well as advice to many of us all the time. I asked her to help me review the most popular baby carriers and she was kind to oblige. …

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Ponytail Ideas – Quick & Easy – Fox in the Hole

From time to time, I will be updating this post with quick and easy ponytail ideas (mostly for little girls).  We’re always looking for ways to dress up our girls hair and they love ponytails! #1 Fox in the Hole – Takes 5 minutes or less  

Baby Carrier Reviews

Hands free baby carrying is a must at our house.  With 4 kids and a busy schedule, I need both hands free for cleaning up the house, preparing meals, and playing with my other kiddos.  My baby adores baby wearing and so do I because we can be close to each other while I get …

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Being a Mom 101

Being a mom this fourth time around has made me really thankful for what I have and how I’ve changed and evolved as a Mom over the past 12 years.  It has also helped me to not sweat the small stuff (ok… those of you who know me are chuckling at this… So I’m not …

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How to Swaddle a Newborn

Once you get the basic technique down, it’s really easy to swaddle your baby. We have photos and video to help you learn how to swaddle a newborn! STEP 1:  LAY BLANKET OUT LIKE A DIAMOND Using a good sized blanket, lay out your blanket in a diamond shape on a flat surface.  Fold down …

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How to Bathe a Newborn

Items used in video Fold Up Baby Bathtub that fits in the kitchen sink… Works great so you don’t have to bend over the tub in your bathroom.  I have been known to cram this into the dishwasher even!  I have had my dark blue sink bathtub for 12 years and I love it.  You …

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Natural Cures for Jaundice in Babies

Jaundice is a yellow-ish color that occurs on the skin and sometimes on the whites of the eyes.  It is caused by too much bilirubin in the blood.  It is very common for newborns to have jaundice.  In fact, my baby did!  He was a very sleepy baby at first and we had to wake …

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