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Hands free baby carrying is a must at our house.  With 4 kids and a busy schedule, I need both hands free for cleaning up the house, preparing meals, and playing with my other kiddos.  My baby adores baby wearing and so do I because we can be close to each other while I get things done.

When I first had him, I tried out a bunch of different carriers and went to a babywearing class because I just couldn’t find one that was comfortable for me.  I am 5’3″ and about 120 pounds and many of the carriers were just too big for me.  I narrowed down my list to 6 that I liked best.  You will notice I left out the wrap carriers and ring slings.  I had one of those with a previous child and it was really hot to wear and I always felt like the baby was falling out (she wasn’t, I just felt that way).  There is too much “give” in the fabric and I personally prefer more structure.  There is a lot of user error with the wraps and Consumer Reports suggests not using them at all because it’s more likely your child will be injured because you might use it wrong or the fabric will stretch and give and make the carrier unsafe.  I know a lot of babywearing Moms will have my hide for saying this, but I think it’s a valid concern.

Here’s a list of my top 6in order from my favorite to least favorite.

Boba Organic


  • soft, organic fabric is gentle on baby’s skin
  • distributes weight evenly so no one area gets sore
  • has a detachable hood that is also size adjustable to protect baby from sun or over stimulation
  • straps adjust easily while wearing
  • shoulder strap adjusts up and down
  • straps can be wrapped up and secured to be tidy
  • machine washable
  • 3 wearing positions (front facing in newborn, front facing in 12+ pounds – legs around belly, and back facing in)
  • built in neck support for newborns (snaps), no infant insert needed.  Higher rise to support infant necks.
  • accessories available (diaper bag that snaps on, carrying sack, etc)
  • can be adjusted for different sizes and heights (i.e. men & women)
  • the bottom of the carrier snaps up for infants who are shorter and keep their legs tucked up under their belly
  • has foot straps for older babies (keeps hips in better alignment)
  • storage pockets for phone/keys etc
  • adjustable sides so baby can be pressed up against your chest or not, you control the distance


  • only 3 wearing positions (no hip carry)
  • price ($160), non organic ($120)
  • you can’t easily breastfeed in it
  • it gets hot after wearing it for long periods of time, it is not made of mesh fabric

Baby K’tan Organic


  • lightweight and soft
  • no straps to adjust
  • you can breastfeed in it
  • several different positions (facing in, facing out, on the hip,
  • comes with waist strap for added support and a carrying bag (attached to waist strap)
  • very compact and easy to carry around / fit in the diaper bag
  • price ($60 organic, $50 non organic)
  • gigantic warning label


  • learning curve: takes a while to learn how to wrap it correctly
  • unsettling feeling that the baby might fall out (for me anyway) and that I wrapped it wrong
  • fabric is stretchy so the shoulders tend to get sore
  • not adjustable in terms of strap length: baby is pressed up against your chest (your baby may like this, but mine doesn’t)
  • you may need a different size than your husband or other caregiver

Infantino Flip Front 2 Back


  • inexpensive ($30)
  • comfortable for baby
  • padded interior
  • velcro bib inside is included
  • shoulder strap adjusts up and down
  • breathable mesh
  • can be carried 3 ways (facing in, facing out, on your back facing in)
  • machine Washable
  • can be used with any size of person (adjustable)


  • straps are hard to adjust while wearing (but ok to adjust while not wearing)
  • waist strap doesn’t give much support
  • shoulders hurt after about an hour of carrying
  • straps don’t have an elastic band to roll up and keep them tidy


  • lightweight mesh material is breathable and soft, great for walking
  • big storage pocket on front for keys, wallet, etc
  • straps are easy to adjust while carrier is on
  • multiple carry positions (facing in, back facing in, hip)
  • straps can be folded and kept tidy
  • accessories can be used


  • price ($135)
  • shoulder straps are too close to baby’s head so he can’t look around or move around as much as with the Boba
  • can’t breastfeed in it


Infantino Mei Tai

  • Cost ($32)
  • Hybrid that falls between a wrap and a structured baby carrier
  • Can by used with any size of person (adjustable)
  • 3 ways to tie: facing in, hip hugging, backpack (baby facing in and on your back)
  • comes with a hood to protect baby from sun and overstimulation
  • machine washable


  • girly design that my husband wouldn’t be caught dead in
  • it’s hard to get the straps tight enough to hold up the baby and not be digging into your shoulders
  • It’s hard to untie things behind my back
  • It has to be adjusted every time you put it on, you can’t just put the straps on a setting


  • soft, organic material
  • ample storage pouch for keys, wallet
  • straps can be kept tidy and rolled up
  • multiple position carry (front facing in, back facing in, hip)
  • machine washable
  • comes with a hood to protect baby from sun or overstimulation


    • price ($165)
    • very hot to wear
    • thick and bulky (feels like an overnight backpacking adventure when put on!)
    • my baby hated the infant insert and I had a hard time getting him in the carrier with the insert on
    • shoulder buckles that go on the top of your back are hard to move up and down

Note: Watch out for carriers that are considered “crotch danglers” (Baby B’jorn) and don’t have support or a strap around the parent’s waist.  These carriers are bad for babies leg and hip development and are not comfortable for Mom either.  Some people suggest never carrying baby facing out for this reason as well.

I have created a NEW POST with more baby carriers and new videos!  See the post here.

I hope these baby carrier reviews were helpful for you.  Please post a comment if you have any questions.


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    • trish on February 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm
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    You should only have the waist strap closed when putting your baby in an Ergobaby (not the shoulder straps). Leave the shoulder strap open and bring the carrier up over the baby and slide your arms through one by one. Here are some tips from Ergobaby on how to put the carrier on:

    Most importantly, Ergobaby make inserts for use with infants up to 12lbs, they don’t recommend using the carrier by itself until your baby has strong and consistent head and neck control and is comfortable in a splayed leg position. If you put the carrier on as they do in the first video it might make the insert more comfortable for your little guy. Here’s a video that might help you too:

    Hopefully that helps!

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