Sites to See in Richmond VA

virginia state capital 1246 sq virginia capital monument george washington 3 sq virginia scenery 2 sq jefferson hotel lobby sq

There are so many great historical and fun sites to see in Richmond VA.  I was only there for a day and it was a pleasure to drive around and see the beautiful scenery and visit a few historical sites.  We saw Monument Row as well as the state capital and the Jefferson hotel.

Photo 1: Virginia State Capital (the inside is stunning and there are free tours that start on the hour.)

Photo 2: Monument Row George Washington and other founding fathers

Photo 3: Richmond greenery and scenery.  I went in the spring and it was quite humid, but the weather was beautiful

Photo 4: Historic Jefferson Hotel

Might I also suggest Strawberry Street Cafe for their amazing salad bar, ambiance, and really exquisite food for a reasonable price. Amigos is also very tasty if you enjoy Mexican Food.

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