Natural Solutions for UTI During Pregnancy

Before I got pregnant, I had only had 2 UTIs in my whole life. This is my fifth pregnancy and the first one I have had with no UTI (so far) and I am 18 weeks along.  I’m doing my happy dance!  In my previous pregnancies I’ve generally had 5 or more, and one I had to be hospitalized for because it sent me into pre-term labor.  With this pregnancy, I’ve been in prevention mode since the beginning.  I want to stop those pesky UTI during pregnancy and take precautionary measures so I don’t have to be on any antibiotics.  Mostly just because I want to be as healthy as possible and have an enjoyable pregnancy.

At first, I started by drinking a small glass of 100% Cranberry Juice. But, it’s pretty bitter, even for my tastes. Not to mention, expensive, and tended to give me canker sores. To see my post about natural ways to get rid of canker sores, click here.

I gave up the juice and then turned to these dried cranberry pills. I have been really impressed with them and their effectiveness. I take 2 in the morning with breakfast and 1 bottle lasts about a month and a half. You can take more if needed, just follow the instructions on the bottle.

My midwife Richelle Jolley also suggested bladder and liver support by supplementing with bitters, mainly dandelion pills. I admit it is a little strange to actually consume something I have been trying to get rid of in my lawn for years… but anything to avoid antibiotics. And, there is no taste, so I just have to swallow a pill. I take 3 pills a day, a little less than what it calls for on the bottle, but I’m a small person and it seems to be working. Dandelion helps with digestion and a little with sleep as well, so double bonus.

*Disclaimer: make sure to talk to your doctor or midwife before trying any of these supplements! Everyone is different and your doctor knows your specific needs.

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