How to Clean Makeup Brushes

I have some nice makeup brushes that I use to apply eye shadow, concealer, and blush with.  Since I’m kind of a germaphobe and we are told by experts that we should clean or discard anything that touches our face (as far as makeup and brushes are concerned) at least every 6 months to avoid infection and discomfort on the eye and face areas. I have developed a way to clean them that is easy and effective using ingredients you probably already have at home.  I use the same basic technique to clean my wooden round hair brushes (after the hair has been cleaned out of them with a comb).

Here’s links to products mentioned in the video

metal pencil box – take out the plastic insert. Kabuki bronzer brush doesn’t fit in the box.
DHS Fragrance Free Shampoo

I got some of my brushes at Nordstrom and some at Target.  I think this set is great for eye shadows and blending on the eye.


 Here’s a video of me showing how to clean makeup brushes.

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