Dairy Free Peach Smoothie Recipe

I make a smoothie nearly every day.  I love my Blendtec blender for that reason. I feel like it has helped our family eat a lot healthier and waste less fruits and vegetables. Instead of wasting, we throw them into a smoothie!

This dairy free peach smoothie recipe is definitely for kids or adults.  It’s healthy, tasty, and easy.  I like easy. Just throw the following ingredients into the blender in the order listed, blend, and you’re done!


2-3 fresh peaches, pitted and roughly cut

1 banana

3 cups vanilla almond or rice milk

1 T. Chia seeds (superfood with no taste)

1/4 cup ice

optional: frozen strawberries or raspberries and a handful of spinach

Simply blend and enjoy!  Aren’t the matryoshka cups cute?  I stumbled upon them while on vacation in Seattle at Target of all places.  It reminds me of my days in Russia and also makes it fun for the kids!  I think presentation is everything.  I try to serve smoothies in beautiful cups with a straw.  I think it makes them taste better :).


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