Parenting Plan, Month 5, Week 1

I took it upon myself to have a social media and blogging break while my kids were out of school for Christmas break.  It was wonderful and I feel more centered, but it’s also good to be back as I love writing about my experiences as a Mom and I love to keep trying to get better.  While we’re talking about getting better, it is the time of year where we think about resolutions and goals and how we would like to improve.

I have 2 resolutions for 2013. 

1. To exercise 3 times per week or more (at the gym where I just purchased a membership).  This provides me with an hour of undisturbed time to myself where I can zone out and watch the news on TV with no distractions.  I love it!  It’s my favorite time of the day.  The gym I go to is only $10 a month and no contract.  I can handle that!  I plan to go after I drop them off at school in the morning.

2. To spend more quality time with the kids.  I am around my kids a lot but I spend very little time doing fun things with them.  I would like to be more involved in their lives instead of just passing by each day.  We love to do things as a family and I would like to continue that.

I try to keep it simple and attainable with an action plan so that I can actually succeed at it instead of failing miserably at week one and before I’ve really started.  I have found that making a habit of my goals is what helps me to accomplish them.  I am by far no wear near perfect at it, but it does help to make a habit out of doing good things.  Don’t you agree?

I will work on the gym this month for my parenting plan, because I firmly believe that exercise will give me more energy so I can spend that quality time with the kids.  It gets my heart pumping and my blood flowing and all processes in my body (including my brain) just work better.  Have you noticed this too?  It does wonders for depression as well.

What are your resolutions?  If you would like to read a fantastic article about how to set and accomplish resolutions effectively, this one is a life changer! Click here for the article on establishing effective habits.  I hope this parenting plan is helping you a little bit.

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