How to Keep from Getting Sick

I used to get sick all of the time.  I was a magnet for germs and illnesses.  Not anymore.  My Naturopathic doctor shared a secret with me and it works and it is inexpensive.  You can take it all winter long to enhance your natural immunities or you can take it the INSTANT you feel like you may be getting sick.  It works for adults and kids, tastes decent, and is readily available on the Internet, at drug stores, or at any health food store.

So, here’s how to keep from getting sick…. Use Elderberry extract syrup  (the one in the picture’s brand name is Sambucus). Here’s a sugar free elderberry syrup if you’re interested. It’s a liquid that tastes yummy and you just follow the instructions on the bottle.  My kids love it.  It pairs nicely with a chewable vitamin C and/or Zinc to build up your immunity.  If you have been exposed to the cold, flu, or other virus, it would be a good idea to take this for a few days to help your body fight any viruses it has.

I used to take it every day when I was getting sick all the time, but now I only take it occasionally when I feel my resistance is down, or I’ve been exposed to a virus.  I give it to my kids when they’re sick and it shortens the duration of their cold by more than half.  Sometimes they are only sick for one day after taking this.  It’s a miracle!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor, please contact your doctor to make sure this cold and flu natural remedy is safe for you and your circumstances.


  1. I love this stuff! You really saved me with this recommendation. It’s especially awesome that it’s safe to take during pregnancy since so many things are questionable.

    1. so simple and effective! thanks for posting your experience 🙂

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