Parenting Plan Month 4, Week 3

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Ours was perfect filled with friends, family and great food and lots of ping pong :).

This year I have been taking baby steps and working toward being a better Mom.  I have noticed an overall sense of peace, contentment and love in our home since I have been doing small things each month to improve as a Mom.  This month I am working on really listening to my kids.  Whereas before, I just would have said “uh huh” to everything my kids were saying instead of really hearing them out, this month I’ve been trying really hard to listen well and discuss things with them.

I have been worried about my busy life and the busyness interfering with my goal this month (with the holidays coming up and all).  But really it hasn’t.  I have been a lot less stressed out than I usually am this time of year and the last couple days, although they were filled with things to do, really didn’t feel stressful to me.

I’ve found this goal to occur naturally as I have tried to be better.  I still have moments where I have to seek out a child and ask them to repeat what they said because I didn’t hear them (really meaning I wasn’t listening and was distracted by something else).  But I feel a closeness to them when I really intently listen and try to understand what they’re going through.  I hope this parenting plan helps someone out there!

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