How to Do French Braids

Do you know how to do French braids?  I have always loved doing hair and figuring out new hairstyles.  However, I have never been able to learn how to do French Braids despite repeated attempts from friends and family trying to teach me.

I just can’t figure out how to keep all of those pieces separated and remember which part of the braid goes next.  Even my 11 year old daughter can do French braids on herself and her sister.  She’s been doing it for several years.  It’s time for me to learn and I’m glad I have this tutorial to refer to!

My neighbor, Dana, has a hair studio in her home and she was gracious enough to let me video her doing French Braids on my daughter.  She does a really good job of taking it step by step and going slow so we can see how to do it quickly and easily!

What you will need is a rat tooth comb, some elastics and a hair sprayer. Doing braids is very economical and you can probably use items you already have at home!


Here’s the How To Do French Braids Tutorial


  1. So many parents are intimiated by the French braid but with a little info and a little practice, it’s really not that hard.

    Once you know the French braid, it is a good launching pad for other really fun styles. To see more styles and braids, click on the link below:

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