Parenting Plan Month 2, Week 2

School started this last week for my kids.  All 3 are going to school this year with the youngest being in half-day kindergarten at a local charter school.  I love watching the kids grow up and achieve great things and become leaders and scholars in their respective classes.  However, I always get a little emotional when I drop them off at school on that first day.  I miss them so much when they are away at school!  I think the separation is healthy for us as when the children come home from school, we are all elated to see each other again.

This week has been literally life changing for me.  I read this book called The Myth of Stress.  I almost didn’t buy it because the price tag was relatively expensive, but I’m so glad I did.  Reading this book has helped me in numerous areas in my life, not just with stress, but also in my relationships and defining what is important.

I think this week of the parenting plan was probably the most successful yet (this month I’m trying to not yell and not act annoyed when my children ask me things).  I have been a much calmer Mom as I have tried to control my temper and my actions.  I feel so much better about myself and my relationship with my kids this week. I have tried really really hard not to raise my voice, be too busy to talk to my kids, or feel annoyed with barrages of questions that kids sometimes have.

I think my kids feel more loved and listened to and I feel more patient.  Our home had a different feel about it this week and I like it alot!  I am enjoying participating in this parenting plan and sharing my experiences with you.  Please comment if you have any similar experiences or advice.


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