Month 1 Week 2: Parenting Plan Update

Welcome to the half way point on my quest for becoming a better Mom this month. This is week 2.

This is my personal parenting plan and I’m still working on spending 15 minutes of 1:1 time with my kids each day to focus on having fun with them and getting my priorities in line (they should be my first priority, but sometimes I let other distractions get in the way).

This week I’ve kind of let distractions get in the way!  As much as I’ve tried not to, I’ve had 2 sick kids.  You can see my son was too tired to throw up again and just fell asleep on the couch holding his throw up bowl.  eew!  Not only were the kids sick, one kid was sick twice in one week!  My adorable husband was also out of town at a conference in Las Vegas. I am not a big fan of single parenthood and I missed him terribly.  While it was only 2 days, it felt like forever!

I was a little bit caught off guard by how little I was able to do this week with those 2 variables thrown into the mix. However, we were able to use our waterballoon pump to have a fun time in the backyard.  My daughter and I filled the balloons and then all the kids went out back and we had a mondo fight.  It was lots of fun and we like getting wet when it’s 95 degrees outside.  I would have been ok if someone would have sprayed me with the hose, but I settled for a little water balloon fun.  We took turns throwing the balloons off the deck to see if we could get them in the box.  We caught one, but it was a large child.


We also did things like reading one on one with each other, talking in bed, going out to eat with a friend, playing checkers, and sending silly emails to each other.  Wow has it really been a week?

Until next week, wish me luck.  How are you doing on your parenting plan?  Please leave a comment and let us know!


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