Cooking with Kids – Episode 2 – How to Make GFDF “Pie” Cupcakes

Cooking with Kids


On Episode 2 of Cooking with Kids, we had fun making these “April Fools” cupcakes from the What’s New Cupcake cookbook together!  We modified it to be gluten and dairy free to accommodate our family’s allergies.  They still tasted very good and we didn’t miss the gluten at all!

We premade 2 boxes of Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Cake mix and then froze them so they would be easier to frost. We made one vanilla and one chocolate mix. The mixes made about a dozen cupcakes (so 1/2 of what a “regular” box cake will make).  But, you can make whatever flavor you would like, it doesn’t really matter for this recipe.We had a few leftover cupcakes that we put back in the freezer for another day.


We used silver cupcake holders, 2 tubs of white premade frosting and pastry bags, and Sun Brand Dairy Free Chocolate Candies. These candies are similar to M&M’s.


Gluten Free “Pie” Cupcakes


The cupcakes were a big hit at our Memorial Day picnic with family and we hope to make them again sometime.


Watch the Cooking with Kids episode 2 here:

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