Adventures in Pregnancy, Week 9

Well, being over 35 and being pregnant with my 4th baby sure has been an adventure!  I haven’t had much of the fatigue I’ve experienced with my other pregnancies because I have been better about working out at the gym and eating healthy.  But from 5 weeks on, I have had monster digestive issues.  When I mean monster, I mean MONSTER.  Watch out Sully, move over Big Green Monster…  this is serious!  There has never been a health issue that I haven’t been able to heal myself from in the last few years by making food, lifestyle, and good supplement decisions. But, with this one, I am stumped.  Or am I digesting a stump, because that’s what it feels like?  My belly has G-R-O-W-N or S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D 4 inches.  It’s just not normal and I’m going to get to the bottom of it (no pun intended).  Here are some tips and tricks that people have shared with me.  I would like to share them with you and hopefully you will have some success!

*Please contact your doctor before tying any of these natural remedies to make sure they are safe for you and for your pregnancy!  I am not a doctor and don’t profess to give any medical advice.  Call your doctor if you would like to try any of the things suggested.


Ok, now seriously.  Progesterone is to blame.  It’s softening all my innards and I have scoured the internet for solutions to my sticky situation, and have found some good tips.  Great tips in fact….  Such as:

1. Exercise: gets the blood flowing and the bowels moving.

2. Drink: 12 8 oz. glasses of water.

3. Probiotics: make the digestive tract happy.



Really I already did those things before I was pregnant and after…and I’m still suffering.  Literally.  So, I discussed the pregnancy digestive issues with my midwife.  She suggested

1. Digestive enzymes. They break down fats, carbs, proteins, lactose, etc to help calm the digestive tract at all stages.  Take 1-2 pills BEFORE each meal or snack.

2. Activated Charcoal to help when you have lots of gas pains.  It absorbs the gas and helps you to feel less bloated.

3. Peppermint Essential oil to rub on the outside of the belly and also to drink as a tea to calm the digestive tract.


I tried all those and the digestive enzymes helped a lot with the pain, but the swelling is still ever present and the uncomfortable bloating feeling is as well (especially at night).  I was worried about taking too much of the activated charcoal, because it can absorb vital nutrients as well as the gas.  I haven’t noticed any difference with the essential oil.  I was also taking DigestZen from Doterra with no noticeable difference.

1. Drink organic peppermint tea before breakfast to warm up sluggish bowels.

2. Take 1 package of Emergen C each day.

3. Take a raw prenatal vitamin because it’s easier on the stomach.  I agree, switching to a good prenatal helped a bit.  It also helped me feel more energetic and less tired.


I see Victoria Sucher in Provo, Utah.  She practices integrated medicine.  She does labs and other diagnostic testing, but treats with herbs, supplements, and lifestyle chances rather than drugs.  I love her!  She agreed with the other things I was doing (listed above) and wanted to add magnesium as a stool softener to the mix.

1. This magnesium should be a good mix. Follow instructions on the bottle.  Contact your doctor for better/more specific advice.


I really haven’t seen any change in my pregnancy digestive issues except for the digestive enzymes mentioned above which took away the cramping I was having.

1. I hate prunes, but I ate them because I was desperate.  Prunes, eew.   Didn’t work for me.  I wish it did.

2. Metamucil (psyllium husk) as a stool softener.  Follow directions on bottle.


Well, I’m at the end of my post and nothing so far has really worked for my severe 4″ belly bloating.  The digestive enzymes did help with the pains.  I’m going to see my ND in a couple days so I will keep you posted.  I hope that these ideas will help you though and that you can benefit from my weeks of research on how to remedy this nasty little secret.


*Please contact your doctor before tying any of these natural remedies to make sure they are safe for you and for your pregnancy!  I am not a doctor and don’t profess to give any medical advice.  Call your doctor if you would like to try any of the things suggested.


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  1. Oh and BTW, my SEVERE digestive problems lasted my entire pregnancy and promptly disappeared about a week after I had the baby. Weird, huh? I was on a no carb diet for most of the pregnancy because I couldn’t digest anything with grains in it. I ended up only gaining 15 pound in the pregnancy and had an 8 pound baby.

    • Taralee on September 10, 2013 at 9:13 pm
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    My last pregnancy and my current one (20 weeks), I eat Bran Buds cereal pretty much every night mixed with another cereal like lucky charms or golden puffs (healthy alternative would be Kix). It is AMAZING! I even brought my Bran Buds to the hospital (sounds silly I know) last time. I HIGHLY recommend Bran Buds. Great stuff!:)

    1. Wow, thanks for the tip! I’m personally allergic to wheat, but I bet Bran would be the perfect food to eat while pregnant if you weren’t allergic!

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