How to Do Beach Waves

I was at Sally’s one day to get some bobby pins, and I was browsing and saw these giant sponge rollers (only at the Sally’s store, they were a different brand).  I wondered to myself, “what could those be used for?”.  hmmm…  it got the wheels spinning and well I had to try them out!  I figured out how to do beach waves with them.  My hair is prone to damage and I live in a very dry climate so I was happy that I could have beachy waves without using any damaging heat.  It’s an easy way to do my hair while I’m just sitting in my home office working and the curlers are working for me!  I used jumbo 2 inch curlers on the top and 1 1/ 2 inch on the bottom, but I have also had much success with sleeping in these pillow rollers.

One trick is to put the curlers on vertically instead of horizontally.  This makes spiral curls.

Also, it nice because these curls stay in 2-3 days, even if you sleep on them.  You can use a little dry shampoo if your hair gets a bit greasy in-between washings it like mine does.

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