Parenting Plan Month 2, Week 3

Well, week 3 of the parenting plan went smashingly!  I find that the first and second weeks are the hardest and then after that, the better qualities that I’m working toward become habits and they become much easier to accomplish.

I am feeling a lot more patient and less stressed out too.  I have some health problems that interfere with my energy and a lot of the time my energy is like a roller coaster.  I have a lot sometimes and none the other times.  However, I felt as I was more patient and calm it reflected in my health and the energy I have.  This month I’ve had a lot of energy and have felt really fantastic.  I don’t know if it’s because of the Parenting Plan goals I’ve been doing, or just a fluke, but I’ll take it!

Another bonus is my kids are more patient with EACH OTHER.  I haven’t seen much bickering between them this week.  It’s been a big blessing in our home!  Our girls are enjoying each other again instead of butting heads or arguing.

If you are working on becoming better or are doing a parenting plan, please comment and let us know what you’re up to!


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