Family Vacation to Seattle

Family Photo on Alki Beach in West Seattle

I am sorry for the delay in writing. Our family has been on vacation for a month in Seattle and Hawaii. I had grand plans of posting weekly while we were there, but within a couple days, my laptop ran our of battery, and somehow I just lost any desire whatsoever to fire it up. I wanted to enjoy every minute that we were there with our kids and have some unadulterated time with them. Some kind of dark cloud or series of unfortunate events seemed to follow me on this vacation for some reason. First, I became addicted to iPad Monopoly, that’s probably a big reason why I didn’t have time to post! Second, I lost my camera with all the photos and videos of our Seattle vacation on it on Alki Beach. Third, I came down with a nasty cold that turned into a lung infection, ear infection, UTI, and a sore throat for more than 8 days. That’s all.

In the next post, I will show you the the things our family did while on a family vacation to Seattle as well as the things my husband I did while we celebrated our 14 year anniversary in Kauai, Hawaii (including a zip line tour and catamaran ride).

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