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Table Talk Family


I love the concept of engaging in meaningful conversation at the dinner table.  We are a pretty traditional family and eat dinner together at the family table every night.  Sometimes we don’t have much conversation going on though and just have our noses in our food!  I think this product would be great to get to know each other better and get all the kids talking (even the ones that are a bit more shy and quiet).  We give everyone a turn to answer.  So one of our favorite parenting products is Table Topics Family ($25 on Amazon).

I gave my husband the couples edition of Food for Thought for an anniversary gift.  I think it’s meant for the dinner table, but there are some questions that are personal and we wouldn’t want to talk about them in front of our kids.  So, we use it sometimes when we go to bed.  We choose a couple different cards.  It has helped a lot to get dialogue going on and to help strengthen our marriage (which makes us better parents!).  I think this would make the perfect wedding shower gift as well (click on the photo for more information).

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