Raising Happy Children

Welcome and thank you for viewing my very first post!  My name is Rachel.  I have been married for 13 years to a great guy, and am the mother of 3 kids ages 11, 8, and 5.  I have been a stay at home Mom, a work at home Mom and a working Mom (outside of the home) and all have their unique rewards and challenges that I would like to share with you.  I live in Orem, Utah in the suburbs of what is sometimes called “Happy Valley”.  Living here does make me happy and it is a great place to raise a family.

I guess all Mom’s probably would love to know the secret of raising happy kids.  As Mom’s, we unselfishly nurture our children in hopes that they will grow up to be everything they were meant to be.

I feel that if I want my kids to be happy, I probably have to be happy myself.  My oldest daughter is pretty much a mini-cloan of me, and sometimes I hear her say things to her younger siblings that sound just like something I would say and I cringe, because I guess I am embarrassed that I haven’t done as good of a job in teaching her to be positive and loving as much as I thought I had.  It’s not too late to start and I’m starting TODAY!

I love social media…  A lot….  I spend a lot of time on Facebook and Pinterest among others that I frequent.  I like social media because it helps me connect with others that have similar interests as me and it helps me get to know people better and build much needed relationships.

There has been something disturbing emerging among mothers lately in the social media world.  That is, posting about how terrible their kids have acted that day, how being a Mom is keeping them from the “real” life they want to have, and even sometimes making fun of their role as a parent.  Their friends often post similar situations they have had with their kids and the cycle of negative parenting continues.  It seems they find a sense of belonging and purpose by connecting with other Mom’s who also have negative experiences with mothering.

This disturbs me not because my experience as a mother has been a perfect one, all rosy with birds chirping in the background all day while my kids magically mind everything I say, and do all of their assigned chores without any complaint, but because I think our children are harmed by this negative attitude about parenting, sometimes feeling that it is their fault that their mother feels unfulfilled.  Being a parent is hard work and I’m no expert at it.  I fail sometimes.  Well, actually, I fail a lot.  I make mistakes.  A lot. I’m just a Mom like you who wants to raise happy, well-rounded kids and needs some help along the way.

It just seems to me that if we as Mom’s have a positive outlook on parenting, that our kids will feel an innate trust in us and will feel safe, loved, and happy instead of feeling in the way or obstacles that keep us from what we really want to be doing.

I have created this blog to help give Mom’s resources for positive parenting without being judgmental.  I hope it helps this negative mothering trend to change into a positive one!  Please share your stories of positive parenting with me by emailing me at info@positivelymommy.com, I’d love to hear them!

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